Past Chairman’s Message

Undoubtedly, the NGOs play a crucial role in holding Governments to account on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. They encourage the creation of new advocacy coalitions and increase the legitimacy of accountability claims. These emerging forms of collaboration between NGOs are a way to operationalize the integrated and universal nature of the SDGs. However, these collaborations will remain fragile if governments and the UN do not follow the example to overcome silos, and if some type of NGOs are not sufficiently included in national and international processes. NGOs can also play/playing an important role in contributing directly via the implementation of their projects and in holding the private sector accountable. The lack of definition of the “new partnership” between national SDG actors needs to be looked into.

We in the Foundation for Millennium Sustainable Development Goals, despite resource constraints, have been addressing through

  • working dedicatedly in cooperation and coordination with Union and State Governments in rural and tribal areas,
  • creating awareness in different parts of the country by holding Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Exhibitions/Studies/Knowledge Papers/Educative Advertorials in National Dailies, etc.

We propose to increase our presence in providing sustainable livelihood to the people. It is in this respect, we appeal each one of the citizen to join this movement.

(Babu Lal Jain)
Past Chairman
2011 – 11/02/2021